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S1 FinFit • Digital Finance Assistant

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Achieving financial freedom can feel difficult in the face of growing debt, cash emergencies, or overspending, but – with awareness and planning – it’s doable with S1 FinFit — the only personal financial app you’ll ever need!

S1 FinFit is a FREE app that provides a roadmap to help you reach your financial and lifestyle goals, no matter how big or small! The app is designed to accompany you on your financial journey, providing you with the tools and confidence you need to make sound financial decisions while also increasing your creditworthiness.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can do with your S1 FinFit app:

Credit Monitoring
and simulation

You’ll be able to watch your credit score, track your score history, and get a list of your reported credit accounts once you enroll in credit. The Simulate Score feature will help you assess the impact of your credit decisions as you attempt to pay off a credit card or obtain a new loan by showing you how these decisions can lower or enhance your credit score.
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Budgets and Goals

Know where and how much you’re spending. Keep track of your spending by category. Choose from several different financial goal categories and build a plan to achieve them. If you get off course, you’ll receive a notification, and if you’re on track, you’ll get confirmation.

My Property Value

Keep track of your home’s value and equity. Find out how much homes in your neighborhood are selling for. By analyzing real estate data and your existing mortgage details, the app will create a picture of your home’s financial value.

S1 Finfit dashboard property value
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Your personalized dashboard summarizes account balances, transactions, net worth, credit score, estimated home value, spending analysis, and more.

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